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How to Run Caesar II in Windows XP
Getting Caesar II to run in Windows XP can be tricky.
This simple step-by-step guide on How to Run Caesar II in Windows XP should help you get it working.

Your army is victorious!

Caesar II Battle Mode Screenshot
Caesar II City Mode Screen Shot

The enemy lays scattered across a vast, blood-covered plain. You parade your troops throughout the land in celebration of your success when yet another would-be conqueror sneaks up on your southern border. With very little time to spare you once again dispatch a tired yet enthusiastic legion of your finest men.

Caesar II was released in 1995 as the follow-up to 1993’s Caesar. It blends city building with good old-fashioned fighting – a method that has been repeated many times since. You can read more on Wikipedia about the history of the Caesar game series.

When it arrived, Caesar II drew comparisons to the original SimCity. And rightfully so; In many ways it mimicked SimCity. But it also stands on its own. One big difference? Caesar II’s battles! If you liked SimCity, there is a good chance you’ll enjoy Caesar II. And if you hated SimCity, perhaps the battle elements of Caesar II will be just the thing to draw you in.

Having long been out of circulation, Caesar II has been considered abandon-ware and is sometimes available for free download from various sites, along with its predecessor Caesar. The download sites come and go, but Caesar II can also be purchased for digital download on GOG or used on Amazon.