Caesar II Links

Caesar2 Strategy Guide
The Best Caesar II FAQ/Guide.

DOSBox MSDOS Emulator
This program will allow you to run the DOS version of Caesar II in Windows XP. If you need help getting it working, take a look at our step-by-step for How to Run Caesar II in Windows XP.

Caesar2 Cheats from GameSpy
Yeah, I know: “There aren’t any cheats in Caesar 2.” And there aren’t. These “cheats” are not all that great.

Caesar II Overview from Theodor Lauppert
Short overview of Caesar 2 and the technical requirements to run it and the other Caesar-series games. Caesar 2 Review
Includes a nice game overview, rankings of various game qualities, and the original DOS game credits.

CD Mag Caesar II Review
Good overview of the game and one of few reviews I’ve come across.

Emperor Vaustein’s Caesar II Page
Home of The Water Trough Method, Emperor Vaustein’s effective strategy for maximizing land value. He also has a small amount of good Q/A material.

Other Caesar Links Lists
The “Official” Caesar 3 site is long dead, but their old links list lives on at The Internet Archive.

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  1. Can I find a way to run Caeser II on windows 10? Can I download it, install it, and play it on Windows 10?

    Comment by john — January 6, 2024 @ 2:09 pm

  2. Hi John, GOG has Caesar 2 for sale, and that version should work on Windows 10.
    Alternatively, Caesar 2 seems to be downloadable from a handful of abandonware sites, and those versions would likely work by following the Windows XP DosBox instructions. Happy building!

    Comment by Site Administrator — January 6, 2024 @ 5:19 pm

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